Monday, November 10, 2008


I was really attracted when i read the flyer about this i wanted to go there n see what's so cool about chiptunes..

ok..i try to upload a video here..but maybe the internet was cant be uploaded..



yes finally i can upload microchip no.32 performance.. enjoy.. selamat hari raya!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


finally exam had finished!

now im only thinking to be back at home..but still i have to settle on my year is so stressing for me.. this semester i really dun have enough money. i dunno where it go..theheehee

suddenly the idea of selling my old wardrobe popped in my mind..haha.. maybe ill try e-shopping..i do love e-shopping.. some of my clothes were from blogshop (instead of topshop=P)

i do review the blogshops through this blog = diary of an e-shopaholic


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

product launch part 2

ok this only to show other group products>>

the first prize goes to beannilicious sdn bhd..

the product is karatofu.. a new face to old tofu.. with no artificial colouring..

this is the 2nd runner up product..choctemp..tempeh n naugat combination that filled with caramel and coated with chocolate..yummy..not forgeting there is probiotic in this chocolate.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Product launching.

our product favouroats definitely your choice for a healthy multipurpose sweetener rich in fibers that suitable for all family members..except for diabetics :P

Hello food product designers!

may i just say future food manufacturer or food enterpreneur, friends?
I was so glad that product development subject has just finished. phew! finally. what a day.

lets see what just happen that day.
fyi, this is the final project for our product development subject which food science and technology student of UPM need to take. we have done lots of work since the first month until few months after that, we finally produce our own product. great huh?

its start with generating ideas...choosing the best ideas...starting doing the
prototype...processing...sensory testing..packaging testing...bla..bla..bla..then finally this is it..the day of product launching..yippee!

so happy that all this hardworks are paid by the happiness on this day. eventhough we are not that perfect.

ok this about my groups product. we give a new face or an alternative to the ol' time sweetened n condensed dairy milk. it still not produce in market. what would you think having your favourite teh tarik with oat n soy based sweetened milk? then your teh tarik also got some natural fiber inside hehe. great for breakfast. or your roti canai spread with this sweetened milk..definitely delicious and most importantly.. healthy! yummy.

if you like the idea, come n taste our product. sweeeettt, less fat n there is fiber too. even nestle would be jealous n wanted to steal this idea hee =D seriously there was a judge from nestle that day. he said that he would be interested in this idea.

our product's name was favouroats which means favour oats or love oats. jyeah!
ok enough for the words (im not that good in writing, i more into showing photos :P)

after winning the third prize

yep. it is like the dairy sweetened condensed milk. but we did not use the any animal origin ingredients. its 100% plant based :) dun wory on melamine probs. heh.

is that nice? i did the label design yo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

1st post!

this is it. my first post. it was midnight and supposed to be studying for 31st Oct exam. wth i'm doing here? pfftt.

this is a drawing of me and him. lol =D
my friends said it was not even similar to us. of course la a cartoon character, dont have to be realistic. ok what if it double our cuteness in real life. =p

gtg back to study. daa.